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MMM – Mellifluous Musical Men

Dualis is on the hunt for MMM…*

When you think of Kamerkoor Dualis, you think of a varied, quirky repertoire performed under the inspirational leadership of conductor Geert-Jan van Beijeren Bergen en Henegouwen. In a friendly atmosphere, we strive for high musical quality with relatively short, intensive rehearsal periods. We are a fixed group of singers, so that we can guarantee a consistent choir sound.

As Dualis, we of course recommend Dualis. Also because we, in our humble opinion, have in our membership the loveliest women’s voices from Groningen and around, complemented by wonderful men’s voices – which are sadly in the minority.

And so as Dualis we would love to welcome

* Mellifluous Musical Men

who are quality singers. Do you fall into this category, or do you know someone who does? We invite anyone who is interested to join us for a rehearsal and make a date for an audition. Sign up via or call Stephen on 06 1603 6058.

If you’re still not sure: on Thursday 14 December we are holding an open rehearsal from 19.30-22.00. On that evening we will be working on Christmas music and after that you are welcome to join us for Christmas drinks. Location is the building of the Apostolisch Genootschap, Vestdijklaan 2, Groningen.